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Hi friends!  I’m so happy you stopped by!  I’m Megan, and I absolutely love fashion, traveling, food, home decor, and well, frankly, just life in general!  I am blessed to be the wife of a U.S. soldier, and the mom of two cute pups, Kitty Pearl and Spencer.

Chris and I have been married or over 10 years, and I have enjoyed every moment of our life together!  As a military family, we have been fortunate to have seen so many wonderful things our country has to offer, and I love being able to share those adventures with you!  Trust me… I completely understand moving to a brand new city with no friends and no family around to help you get settled. Hopefully our travel excursions inspire you try these places, or even just get out and explore somewhere you’ve never been before!

As far as the fashion piece of this blog, well, I will just go ahead a say that it is the heart of my purpose for wanting to start a blog to begin with!  The others bits have just evolved (and are still evolving) as I have wanted the site to grow.  Styling ensembles for me and for others is definitely a creative outlet.  I love the challenge of putting together something new and different, whether its with texture, color, length, or all of the above!  I also love helping other women (and men 😉 ) feel more confident.  If you feel confident with your look, you seem to stand a little taller, smile a little wider, and walk with a little more purpose… am I right?!?!

Where have you seen me?

Redbook Magazine September 2016 Issue (cover): Real Women Style Awards Winner

Redbook Magazine September 2015 Issue: Real Women Style Awards Runner-up

King 5 Seattle show “New Day Northwest” 2016 : fall fashion segment